Interact Intranet Version 5 intranet software to revolutionise the way people connect with content

25th January 2012 – Interact releases the next level of intelligent intranet software featuring social collaboration tools that will transform the way organisations operate.

This latest update to Interact Intranet is aimed at resolving the daily difficulties Intranet Managers continually encounter including:

  • Eliminating the huge burden of constructing an intranet homepage that will appeal to everyone in their organisation
  • Making sure that nobody overlooks essential information or the tools available on company intranets
  • Being confident that everybody in their company is keeping their personal profile pages up to date, without the need for constant reminders

Interact Intranet version 5 has an improved intelligence store, which is the brain of the intranet and the core around which all content promotion is built. It has had a remodelled algorithm that helps content to find people more intuitively.

The new Interact Personal Page provides a dedicated, user- centric homepage on the intranet that is intelligently tailored to fit the needs of the individual user. Unlike traditional personal homepages, Interact Intranet monitors the users individual interactions with the intranet and scans their intranet profile to intelligently push tailored content directly to them.

Building on one of Interact Intranet’s founding principles the Interact Personal Page intelligently brings together content, teams and people via a number of clever widgets so employees can quickly find information relevant to them and prevent valuable time being wasted searching for content.

There are two new widgets that work with the Personal Page – Interact Suggests and the Signpost Widget

Interact Suggests is an intelligent tool that actively pushes users tailored information based on what it thinks the user wants to know. It does this by scanning a number of criteria including skills, historical searches and documents they’ve commented on. By indexing the user it intelligently suggests information the user may be interested in and that could be crucial to their job, saving employees time and effort as well as reducing the pressure for Intranet Managers.

The Signpost Widget guides users around the intranet, informing them of missing areas in their profiles and allowing them to discover features they not have yet used. Designed to further increase usage and adoption, the Signpost Widget fulfils three key objectives: ensuring user profiles are complete and up-to date, promoting ‘making life easier’ components of Interact Intranet and educating users in the features of Interact Intranet.

Interact’s Founder and CEO Nigel Danson commented:

“Interact Intranet version 5 is a further step in intranet software excellence that promises to significantly improve the working life for intranet managers and employees. At Interact we truly believe that content should find people so we have further enhanced the intelligence engine in Interact Intranet to ensure even more content is connected to people.


So many intranet solutions focus on features and not the fundamentals of how people find and interact with information.  We believe the key to a successful intranet is connecting content to people and making sure the technology doesn’t get in the way.


This update also massively encourages social collaboration through a number of new and exciting tools.”

With Interact Intranet version 5 users can now ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ content on your intranet with two new features that make collaboration instant and effortless. The Share button allows users to share a link to current content on their profile feed. Users will be able to view the shared content in the Collaboration Space Widget, news feed and directly on the sharing user’s profile.

The ‘Like’ button allows users to like a piece of content on the intranet so they can quickly and easily begin to collaborate on your intranet, simply by clicking the ‘Like’ button which then creates a connection between the user, the piece of content and the content’s author.

Another key update to Interact Intranet version 5 is the totally re-built Discussion Forums which now have a dramatically simplified and intuitive interface as well as many significant functional enhancements to make it easier for employees to communicate, share ideas and collaborate throughout their business.