New release of Interact Intranet version 4.9 Includes Interact Teams, Improved Microsoft Outlook Integration, Collaborative Image Galleries and Real-Time Twitter Integration

12th September 2011 – Interact announces the release of Interact Intranet version 4.9 – a significant update to Interact Intranet, which includes Interact Teams, Improved Microsoft Outlook Integration, Collaborative Image Galleries and Real-Time Twitter Integration amongst its new technologies and tools.

Teams and groups exist in all organisations, whether they are cross-departmental projects, best practice groups or social teams. Without a single platform for these teams to collaborate and share ideas, information is regularly duplicated and can be lost via email. People working away from the office or in another location may miss important data and become detached from the group.

Interact Teams breaks down organisation silos that can exist in companies by providing a dedicated and transparent area for communities of common interests to unite and work more effectively, regardless of their department, location or time-zone.

Built on Interact Intranet’s intelligence store, the tool benefits from the unique intelligent features in Interact Intranet, including Interact Recommends – which automatically recommends documents based on content you are viewing and your user profile. The team activity stream records all actions that take place in a team including comments on forums, documents added and pictures added to the gallery, meaning all team members stay informed and up-to-date. The duplicate team notification prevents replicate teams being created by automatically identifying existing teams.

“Companies can use Interact Teams to create many different communities of common interest including departmental, project, best practice and social groups. It is ideal for transient or cross-departmental projects,” said Interact CEO and Founder, Nigel Danson.

“With Interact Teams, it is easy for companies to take critical knowledge out of individual team members’ emails and desktops and store it in a single location within a team area where it can be accessed and reviewed , thus promoting a high level of traceability and findability.”



With Interact Teams, employees can:

  • Create open, private or hidden teams depending on the nature of the team
  • Select from a range of features which can be turned on or off at any time including calendar, document areas, blogs and forums
  • Invite multiple co-workers to join teams
  • Find and join open and private teams via the search engine or team directory.
  • Write team blogs that can be viewed by team members only or available for all Interact Intranet users to see
  • Effortlessly manage who can create teams and approve new team requests via the team directory
  • Search for teams using the intelligent Interact Intranet search

The improved Outlook Integration feature streams data from your Microsoft Outlook account into your intranet so users can view recurring meetings, create new tasks and edit existing tasks and make live changes directly from the homepage widget within Interact Intranet. Users can also search for Outlook tasks, filter by due date and action tasks.

The new collaborative image gallery tool allows users to share content on their intranet through images with the ability to upload multiple images in content areas. Each image has its own comment stream to boost collaboration in your workforce and using Interact Intranet’s @tagging feature users can quickly tag others within photos. Images are automatically resized to portrait or landscape orientation, creating continuity within your intranet.

Images uploaded into the gallery are pushed directly onto your intranet’s home page, engaging users and boosting collaboration. Galleries are also discoverable through Interact Intranet’s intelligent search feature. Users who upload an individual image, comment on an image or are tagged within an image will see the activity shown on their individual profile feed.

Also new in version 4.9 of Interact Intranet is the Twitter Widget. This social media feed integrates into Twitter’s real-time information network by pulling live tweets directly onto your intranet homepages. It can be configured to display tweets from a particular account, to search for a specific term or to combine both, so employees are kept up-to-date with trends specific to your industry.

See all of the new features of version 4.9 in action in a free online webinar on Wednesday 21st September at 15.00 BST / 10:00 EDT / 07:00 PDT


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