Interact Intranet uses scientific approach to unleash employee productivity in latest release

Interact Intranet’s latest release incorporates unique intranet benchmarking data and customer intelligence to create an intranet that’s guaranteed to make an impact on employee productivity.

Interact Intranet, a leading provider of intelligent intranet software, today announced the release of the easiest intranet in the world, Interact Intranet 7.5. This latest release sees Interact Intranet use their unique intranet benchmarking intelligence, which captures user’s intranet interactions, along with feedback from their thriving customer community, to develop an intranet that is so easy and efficient to use it will uncover time you have never previously had.

Dr Nigel Danson, CEO and founder of Interact comments, “We’re in a unique position at Interact, we have both statistical and human intelligence that drives our product development to ensure that our intranet software instantly benefits the user. Our statistical intelligence comes from our own intranet benchmarking data, launched in 2012, which gives us the necessary insight into how users interact with intranets to find the information they want. The human element comes from our customers whom are extremely active on the Interact Community, their feedback is invaluable to us and we always listen to what they have to say.”

This scientific approach to understanding the user journey for effective working is distinctly evident in this latest release, with the most notable enhancements maximizing on the product intelligence to ensure ease of use at every opportunity aiding adoption and unleashing employee productivity. And with 152 of the intuitive features in Interact Intranet 7.5 coming from the Interact Community it is clear to see that Interact takes its customer feedback on-board giving users a key say in the software’s roadmap.

Here are some highlights of the Interact Intranet 7.5 release:

Collaboration, knowledge-sharing & crowd sourcing just got easier with Interact’s ultimate forums

Even on the most intelligent intranet, it can be difficult to find employee ideas amongst the noise, and even harder to identify the great ones. The new Ideas List allows you to see all ideas in one easy to read list, so you can quickly identify the most popular ones.

To ensure these forums quickly become adopted and gain popularity, the new Forums widget displays these ideas on the homepage, improving their overall visibility to aid collaboration and bring knowledge sharing to the forefront of your business.


Break down silos, making it easy for people to communicate & collaborate

Interact Homepages now have a powerful new widget ‘Meet the Team’, which offers a visually stunning way to display particular groups of people within your company. People can quickly be added using the intelligent functionality of selecting via existing groups structures. This unique Widget offers a great way to help remove silos and ensures people feel connected to others in different departments, teams or locations; aiding collaboration and improving how people work together.

Meet the team 

Make it simple for content authors to add great content quickly

Interact’s Page Templates is a brilliant new, easy to use feature that takes the hard work out of ensuring your intranet content looks great everywhere. Now you can create pre-defined templates for policies, job vacancy pages and any other pages that have set guidelines, meaning authors won’t have to build pages from scratch every time and consistency across your intranet is maintained.Content template

In this latest release Interact Intranet is taking ‘ease of use’ to the next level. Interact Intranet 7.5 incorporates over 100 small changes to make one big difference – an intranet that is simple to use and helps people get work done.

Danson comments We constantly strive to help employees get everyday tasks done easier, better and faster than before, and Interact Intranet 7.5 accomplishes this brilliantly. This release is our most intelligent communication solution to date and makes it easier than ever to tap into knowledge, companywide.”

With the increasing demands on people’s time, Interact Intranet 7.5 aims to give users the tools that make it simple to collaborate effectively, work more productively and communicate efficiently.

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Interact Intranet is intelligent intranet software created by Interact. The flexible and scalable solution has more than 500,000 users and has revolutionized the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes. It has a unique Intelligence Store which logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document ratings and hits and uses this information to promote content to users. Interact Intranet promotes a culture of collaboration and idea sharing by using corporate social networking and micro blogs. Non-technical users can quickly and easily update the intranet.

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Founded in 1996 with headquarters in the UK, Interact operates globally and is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies. Interact has built a strong reputation of delivering successful and collaborative intranet solutions to leading companies such as Florida Hospital Group, Arriva, G4S, Flight Centre and Make a Wish Foundation.

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