Interact Intranet connects the global work force at Kantar Health

Interact Intranet connects the global work force at Kantar Health

March 22, 2012 Interact announces the selection of Interact Intranet by Kantar Health – a global, evidence-based decision support partner to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies.

With 23 offices globally and four merged companies, Kantar Health had a real need for branding themselves as one and Interact Intranet has been an enabler for global branding. After the merger, the company had a few different intranet solutions that had no content organization or search facility, creating a barrier to internal communications. Since selecting Interact Intranet the Kantar Health intranet is now a central point of communication for its global work force. Collaboration has been boosted as news and articles are easily posted on their intranet from employees in different countries around the world. With Interact Intranet the HR department has saved an average of 1,300 hours per year since implementation as HR queries are now seamlessly answered by the intelligent intranet knowledge base on Interact Intranet.
Kantar Health’s CIO Mary Sobiechowski said:

A ‘proof of concept’ demonstration shown to myself and the Kantar intranet manager, showed us exactly how Interact Intranet would work in Kantar Health and the decision was made – based on the balance of capability, Active Directory integration and cost.
“Kantar Health is a forward thinking and intelligent organization and it is important that we utilize technology that echoes how we work as an organisation –which Interact Intranet definitely does.”

VP Business Development at Interact, Scott Hitchins said:

With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Kantar Health wanted a solution which would rise to the challenge of uniting its globally scattered experts.
Interact Intranet has been the enabler for this – allowing their staff to quickly locate colleagues using a variety of search criteria including skills and expertise and it has successfully branded and united a company going through a large merger process.”

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About Interact Intranet

Interact Intranet is intelligent intranet software created by Interact. The flexible and scalable solution has more than 350,000 users and has revolutionised the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes. It has a unique Intelligence Store which logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document ratings and hits and uses this information to promote content to users. Interact Intranet promotes a culture of collaboration and idea sharing by using corporate social networking and micro blogs. Non-technical users can quickly and easily update the intranet.

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Interact operates globally and is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies.  With over 15 years of experience, Interact has built a strong reputation of delivering successful and collaborative intranet solutions to leading companies.

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About Kantar Health

Kantar Health is a global, evidence-based decision support partner to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies. Our 700+ staff act as catalysts, working closely with customers to drive distinctive decision-making that helps them prioritize product development and portfolios, differentiate their brands and ensure product profitability after launch. We are unique in that we bring together clinical, medical and methodological expertise, commercial/marketing know-how and proprietary data. It is this rare combination, together with our unparalleled stakeholder reach, that enables us to mobilize incisive, imaginative and timely ROI-driven solutions, empowering clients to deliver better healthcare options to their customers.
With offices in over 40 countries, we excel at solving technically or logistically challenging projects around the world and across the product lifecycle, combining on-the-ground know-how and global and national proprietary data to quickly identify value drivers. As part of WPP, we can also incorporate highly innovative thinking from outside the industry into our solutions.