Interact Intranet brings consumer user experience to the digital workplace

Interact introduces new intelligent features, traditionally found in popular consumer and social sites, that will drive workplace engagement through a more tailored experience.

Interact Intranet, a leading provider of intelligent intranet software, today announced the launch of Interact Intranet 7.6 with enhanced intelligent features within their intranet software to help to create a consumerized workplace experience for their users.

In everyday life, users are becoming accustomed to having instant access to information they need, people they share a common interest with, or products that complement previous purchases. Most of the time they don’t need to actively seek these things because sites build a picture based on their behaviors and interactions, making only relevant recommendations. This has greatly impacted their expectations of what workplace tools should deliver.

Enhanced features in Interact aim to satisfy these expectations by offering intuitive and easy-to-use tools, supported by intelligent functionality that will enhance the richness of the user experience.

Dr Nigel Danson, CEO and founder of Interact comments, “Interact has seen a shift in the expectations of users who are used to being able to readily access relevant, tailored information quickly in their day-to-day lives, and who expect the same level of functionality inside their workplace. Enhanced features in Interact help to achieve just that; engaging people as unique individuals, giving them functionality they’re already familiar with to create an efficient and effective digital workplace.”

New and improved features rely on Interact’s unique Intelligence Store which sits at the core of the software, constantly tracking users’ individual behaviors within their intranet. The Intelligence Store uses this knowledge to provide a tailored experience for each user, making relevant recommendations of content they may be interested in, along with suggestions of people they may want to follow or expertise that they may want to endorse a colleague for. These features include:

Interact Answers – provides more ways of finding hidden experts inside an organization, using information stored in people’s profiles to suggest those best placed to quickly respond to specific questions – and retaining those answers for future searches.

Interact also intelligently suggests expertise that users may want to add to their own profile, as well as actively encouraging colleague endorsements, helping to build a rich pool of expertise for Answers to tap into.

Interact Best Bets – guarantees that selected pages will always appear top of search, saving time by quickly directing users to content most likely to help. This could be something as simple as making your company’s maternity policy page a Best Bet, ensuring it’s highlighted for anyone searching the word ‘maternity’.

Interact also provides invaluable insight for administrators by suggesting Best Bet content based on frequently-searched terms and popular pages. For example, if a blog on maternity pay by HR is frequently visited by others who have entered ‘maternity’ as part of their search term, then Interact will highlight this as content that has helped others and should be considered as a Best Bet.

Interact Suggests – routes the right information to the right people through deeper analysis of a user’s behavior – such as posts they’ve read, liked or contributed to, and displays a list of tailored, related content on the user’s timeline. Because Interact knows when someone has read a piece of content, it will only ever present information a user has yet to discover.

Additionally, Interact will suggest ‘People You May Want to Follow’ to encourage employees to network outside of their immediate teams and locations, helping to increase engagement with the intranet.

“We know Interact customers will really benefit from this enhanced intelligent functionality” says Danson, “it is part of our commitment to them to continue to make it easier to do their job by giving them faster access to more intuitive information through the features in our software. We are creating intranets that engage and encourage collaboration, driving productivity and making working life more satisfying.”

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Interact Intranet

Interact Intranet is intelligent intranet software created by Interact. The flexible and scalable solution has more than 500,000 users and has revolutionized the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes. It has a unique Intelligence Store which logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document ratings and hits and uses this information to promote content to users. Interact Intranet promotes a culture of collaboration and idea sharing by using corporate social networking and micro blogs. Non-technical users can quickly and easily update the intranet.

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Founded in 1996 with headquarters in the UK, Interact operates globally and is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies. Interact has built a strong reputation of delivering successful and collaborative intranet solutions to leading companies such as Florida Hospital Group, Arriva, G4S, Flight Centre and Make a Wish Foundation.

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