Interact develops unified platform enabling effortless user adoption of business applications to increase workforce productivity

Single intranet platform will unlock knowledge and speed up access to information

(New York, NY – 11 November 2015) – Today, Interact unveils new functionality to its intelligent intranet software, encouraging adoption and enhancing productivity across the enterprise. Interact 7.8 will seamlessly integrate business applications, enabling open search across systems. Users will only be required to log-in to these services once, creating a single platform to access information, regardless of where it sits.

“A common barrier to intranet adoption in today’s workplace is the sheer volume of business applications that all require separate access and log-in details. Users often don’t know where to go, or indeed whether to trust the data source,” said Nigel Danson, CEO and Founder, Interact. “This in turn acts as a barrier to the sharing and contribution of ideas and knowledge. A single platform can help overcome these challenges, giving users fast and easy access to the information they are looking for without the need for multiple log-ins.”

Interact’s latest release has been developed to help customers get maximum value from the intelligence that often sits hidden within the business, in people’s minds, on an internal system or somewhere in the cloud. Single sign-on means multiple usernames and passwords are a thing of the past. Integration of business critical applications, such as CRM and HR systems, gives users the ability to search from one place, boosting productivity.

As an extension to the cloud storage integration features in the 7.7 launch earlier this year, Interact Alive opens up the intranet to search all business critical applications in a single search and allows seamless integration with Interact’s current features like @mention and linking to cloud storage providers.

In addition, the launch of Interact’s Profile Manager tool complements basic Active Directory Information (ADI) by pulling in data from other user data sources, such as Workday. This will enrich user profiles and provide one trusted data source.

Danson continues; “In driving users to one place, they are more likely to contribute socially on the intranet, enhancing the intelligence companies can collate and unlock. This is when the intranet really does become the brain at the heart of your organization.”


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