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20 May 2013: Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), one of the largest social landlords in Europe, is celebrating after being named the ‘Best Value Intranet to Employees’ at this year’s Ragan 2012 Employee Communications Awards1, thanks to the work of intranet software company, Interact.

In less than a year, GHA’s intranet has proved itself an invaluable business tool. As well as saving time by bringing paper-based processes online, the Interact Intranet software solution has transformed the organisation’s internal communications into an intelligent, collaborative, open and transparent communication model which solves business problems.

Wendy Jordan, Internal Communications Co-ordinator and Intranet Manager for GHA said, “In order to create an intranet which was useful, usable and used, Interact introduced a range of features based on user suggestions, including video sharing and blogs.

“At launch we had 80 per cent of staff using our intranet and now it has grown to 88 per cent which is really impressive when you consider only 75 per cent of our staff are desk-based.

“Blog posts receive around 1,000 views each, alongside scores of comment which prompt transparent conversations about the key issues the organisation faces. This highlights how all desk-based staff and a large proportion of our mobile and warden staff are using the new intranet on a regular basis. It has completely changed the way we work and revolutionised internal communications.”

CEO of Interact, Nigel Danson comments, “The success GHA has received via their intranet is testament to a phased approach to social change, shifting the organisation’s behaviour from top down communication to encouraging internal communication, which has turned traditional problems associated with intranets into opportunities.

Since implementing Interact Intranet, GHA has transformed business communications, with employees actively using the social platform to comment, ask questions and interact with one another, which has improved knowledge sharing inter-departmental communication.”

Wendy concludes, “Our intranet will continue to grow and evolve. We will keep a close eye on industry developments and involve our staff in making sure the new intranet continues to be of value to them.”

Interact is also proud to announce its clients Business Environment and Superdrug were nominated at Ragan’s Communications Awards for Best Social Intranet and Best Value to Employees, respectively.

Wendy will be showcasing the Glasgow Housing Association intranet at Interaction 2013 in London on 24 & 25th September – the UK’s largest intranet conference. Find out more >>

‘Glasgow Housing Association achieving Social Change’ Read the whitepaper >>

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About Glasgow Housing Association

GHA is one of the largest social landlords in the UK, with more than 43,000 tenants. It is part of the Wheatley Housing Group, a group of organisations which work together to provide affordable housing, community regeneration and property management services.

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