Gartner Spotlights Interact as an Intranet Leader for Large Enterprises

The recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intranet Packaged Solutions names Interact as a Leader in the highly competitive space. In the first report of its kind, Gartner placed Interact in the top quartile of employee experience products that combine a Completeness of Vision with the Ability to Execute. Interact’s CEO, Simon Dance, outlines what this means for enterprises looking to build a world-class workplace.

The last few years have seen radical shifts in the nature of work. The next few may drive even more. In response, companies are investing in advanced digital experiences for a technologically sophisticated global workforce.

Now, for the first time, Gartner has produced a Magic Quadrant report that recognizes that Intranet Packaged Solutions (IPS) such as Interact are the platforms driving this change and enabling growth-minded companies to thrive amidst change. 

The IPS Magic Quadrant evaluates intranet providers and solutions based on a combination of market vision and execution. The analysis segments providers into Leaders, Challengers, Niche players, and Visionaries. Interact has been named a Leader—setting us apart as one of the few companies able to create a vision for a better future of work and then deliver on that ambition. 

However, if you’re a student of history or politics, you’ll know that there are many different types of leaders. Here’s what being a leader means to Interact.

Leaders understand that when one wins, we all win

We value Gartner’s analysis that Interact is a flexible, innovative platform with powerful features enabling organizations to connect equally with frontline and desk-based staff. Generating more industry-leading features that serve our customers is leadership to us.

The biggest challenges teach the most valuable lessons

Gartner also notes that the organizations we serve range in size and sector, with the largest being over 100,000 employees. Taking on the very biggest projects is leadership to us, too. Massive IT infrastructure and digital workplace projects teach everyone involved unmissable lessons about the power of the product and what it takes to release innovation when the table stakes are incredibly high. 

We learn lessons every day from some of the biggest and best employers in the world, and we use this in every project we undertake to make work better for everyone.

Innovation and transformation come from people and technology

Finally, the report mentions Interact’s clear-sighted market knowledge and ability to understand our customer’s goals and requirements from the first sales conversations onwards: in short, our people. 

Perhaps more than anything, this combination of understanding the field and putting the customer first is what being a leader is. Interact has been providing workplace communication software and insights for over a decade and we have become more than a software provider. Interact is a strategic partner capable of aligning with our customers to achieve their goals in a changing world. 

We know that innovation and transformation will only happen if there is a synchrony between the organization, employees, and technology. These are the biggest factors in adapting to change, and we’re at the heart of this. 

We drive change for organizations by enabling them to deliver first-class, personalized digital experiences for employees. We drive change for employees by giving them access to culture and communication. We are the technology that drives the change. 

Interact’s acquisition of the innovation management platform Sideways 6 is a case in point. Companies need scalable, integrated idea management software to gather and manage exceptional employee ideas that create growth. Employees want their voices to be heard and then to be recognized for their contributions. The technology is improving daily, offering more extensive integrations that allow ideas from everywhere. 

If you want a partner who is clear that being a leader in the IPS intranet sector means doing more to help you achieve your goals come and talk to us. Your will be one of the workplaces that thrives however work changes.