Planning and deploying a successful intranet

Want to know how an intranet can transform how your organization works? Discover intranet uses and find out why Interact software is the preferred choice of enterprises all over the world. Download this ultimate 37-page guide to planning and launching a modern intranet, packed full of expert advice and inspiration from our award-winning intranets. This guide will take you through how to:

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  • Construct your business case
  • Plan your approach
  • Build your content
  • Create an engaging design
  • Launch your intranet
  • Measure your ROI
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Why your enterprise needs an intranet

Discover how an intranet can be the ultimate tool for connection in your organization – as well as help drive success and generate returns across your business. No matter how dispersed your employees are, our platform provides a single, shared hub for transparent communication – from your CEO’s latest update, and critical company announcements, to celebrating customer and employee successes.

Our platform provides a single, shared hub within your digital workplace, for transparent communication, news management and knowledge sharing. Together with our vast out-of-the-box feature set and click-and-go integrations, it makes it simple to place Interact at the heart of your digital workplace: helping you communicate, collaborate and stay connected.

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Alternative SharePoint intranet solution from the experts

After over 1,500 intranet launches, we know what makes a successful digital workplace platform – and what doesn’t. With a team of experienced strategists, project managers, technical experts, designers, and trainers on hand to take you from planning to launch – and throughout the lifetime of your intranet.

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