How to log into your intranet

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How to log into your intranet 

The benefits of a modern intranet

The modern-day intranet is primarily designed as an internal communications tool, taking a decided step away from its legacy as a document dumping ground. Here are the top intranet benefits.

  • Centralized access to information: information management is critical in today’s knowledge economy. With a centralized CMS and connections to your cloud-based storage, underpinned by a powerful enterprise search, an intranet can give your staff everything they need at their fingertips.
  • Brand consistency: Ensuring all staff are using the same materials and are united behind the same message has a significant impact on your brand. It may be as simple as ensuring everyone has access to a high-resolution version of your latest logo, or that the newest marketing materials are readily available: an intranet CMS is a perfect solution.
  • Crisis communications: a company crisis has the capacity to escalate rapidly. Mobilizing a workforce when it matters is critical. Broadcasting crisis communications through your intranet is an effective multi-channel approach that utilizes not only traditional methods, such as email or homepage banners but also push notifications and SMS messages to alert every individual — before the rumor mill starts.
  • Personalization and tailored communication: in an age of digital noise, capturing and retaining attention is difficult. The company-wide email for every internal announcement is dead: it simply won’t be read. Intranet functionality personalizes the internal comms experience ensuring employees get only communication that is relevant to them and their job.
  • Enhanced customer experience: what do you get when you combine all of the above? When customers receive consistent, accurate information in a timely manner, from staff who are confident and empowered to answer their questions, customer satisfaction soars. When things work well on the inside, it shows on the outside.
  • Build company culture: the concept of corporate culture has been challenged in recent years. Dispersed workforces and the growth of technology make it harder than ever to establish a company-wide culture. An intranet can be used to build, communicate and embed a virtual culture, outside the physical walls of the head office.
  • Drive employee engagement: Connecting staff to a sense of purpose, building a positive culture, rewarding and recognizing efforts, and providing them with the necessary tools and information required to excel all contribute to a better employee experience. This drives engagement: a top-ranking concern in today’s workplace, where 87% of employees are not engaged — but those companies with highly engaged employees outperform peers by 147% in earnings per share (Gallup).
  • Recruitment and retention improvements: Hand-in-hand with improvements in engagement and workplace experience comes better staff retention. Happier employees are not only more likely to stay with your business, but they are also more likely to advocate for the business to others: building a stronger employer brand and helping to attract top talent.
  • Faster onboarding of new recruits: new starter homepages which push relevant onboarding information and tasks can take a chunk of the headache out of getting new staff up to speed.
  • Creates a feedback loop: with two-way communication, intranets empower our staff with a voice. Tools include pulse surveys, polls, forums, social features such as commenting or liking, or even simply timeline posts and blogs posted by employees.
  • Connect remote staff: reducing isolation, risk, and high turnover of remotely based or front-line staff is growing in importance as our workforces become more dispersed. A cloud-based and mobile intranet — particularly those with a purpose-built app — connects non-desk-based staff to the organization, its information, and staff on-the-go.
  • Free up valuable IT time and resource: an off-the-shelf intranet may free up valuable and expensive resources by relieving a burden on the IT department, particularly if your organization has a legacy system built or managed internally, such as a SharePoint deployment.
  • Integration: streamlining a complex digital workplace to make for a user-friendly, seamless and intuitive experience is no small feat. Integration functionality within an intranet can provide the answer. An employee-focused intranet gives staff a centralized user interface for a variety of business applications, from productivity tools to documents management systems and Office 365.
  • Risk and compliance: Ensuring staff are compliant and understand their responsibilities when it comes to security and data protection is critical. Centralizing policies, using mandatory read and quizzes to check understanding, and integration with ticket systems such as Zendesk to alert IT of any breaches or concerns can all reduce risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Interact Software and what do they have to do with my company intranet? 

Interact Software supplies intranet software to global enterprise organizations. It is typically white-labeled meaning that you are often using our software as an employee but don’t necessarily know it.  

Our software is sometimes used as an Extranet or Community solution, so you might be a partner, customer, or a retired employee of our customer. 

I don’t have my intranet URL or 4-digit intranet code. 

Each Interact customer hosts their intranet under a unique URL, typically associated with the organization’s own domain name (e.g., Sometimes our customer (i.e., your employer) uses a 4-digit code to enable easy configuration of the Interact Software App.  

If you are unable to locate your intranet URL or 4-digit intranet code, please contact your IT Helpdesk service. 

I can’t remember my username/password or need to reset it. 

The password you use to access your intranet account is likely the same one that you use for Windows, Google, Citrix, Okta, OneLogin, or Microsoft 365. If you cannot remember it, you should contact your IT Helpdesk service.  

Some Interact customers do allow their users to reset their password or receive username reminders through Interact. If they have been configured for use, the links to do so will be visible on your intranet login page. 

I think my intranet maybe down 

We publish downtime and disruption events that are affecting the service at  

In many cases, Interact has been configured to communicate with third party applications (e.g. Google, Microsoft 365) and any difficulties experienced by the third party maybe visible within Interact Software. 

If you are a Power User (Administrator) within your intranet and you are experiencing an issue with our service which isn’t listed on our status page, please contact us.  

If you are not a Power User (Administrator) please contact your IT Helpdesk service. 

I would like to know a little more about Data Privacy. 

As a user of Interact Software, we process your data on behalf of our customer. You can find out more details in relation to our data privacy policies, GDPR and CCPA in the following links: 

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