The Battle For Attention
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The battle for attention

In a world of infinite content but finite attention, communicators face the ultimate challenge when it comes to competing for employee time.

Download and discover:
  • Why it’s business-critical to compete for employee attention
  • The challenges facing today’s communicators
  • The science behind how we build connections
  • How to compete with digital noise and get heard
  • The role of the intranet in building meaningful employee experiences

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The World's Leading Enterprises Choose Interact
Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Baptist Health.
Mattress Firm.
International Rescue Committee.
Interact has provided excellent support for the ideation, creation and launch of our intranet. Since using Interact’s software, we’ve been able to completely overhaul our intranet to make it much sleeker and easier for employees to use.
Jennifer Clark SVP Communications
We wanted to provide a place to bring people together and build up our community. We also knew we wanted the site to be significantly more visual and engaging than our previous intranets and really draw users in. Interact offered a solution that was engaging, useful, and easy to navigate.
Matt Pollack Internal and Corporate Communications
We challenged ourselves to find the right intranet platform that would allow us to deliver the unique destination that our employees wanted. Based on the results - and with the help of Interact - we hit the mark.
Kelli Newman Internal Communications Manager