To unify its globally dispersed staff and facilitate international leadership and training programs, Magic Memories partnered with Interact to create their new intranet, "Click".

For Magic Memories, a global tourism and photography company spread across nine countries, the core values of their organization revolve around performance, fun, and “making people smile”. As a company that specializes in snapping pictures in fun places around the world and delighting guests with captured memories, maximizing their customer and employee experience was a top priority.

Click is not really defined to us as an intranet; Click is a world where people go to connect globally. So if you’re thinking, ‘intranets sound a little bit boring, isn’t that a little bit 90s?’, change your lens and get a different view.

Make it what you need it to be; turn it into a place where people go to learn, connect, share, and talk. Because although the way the world is moving is very digital, people will always learn through the same way: through collaboration, through talking, and interacting with other people.

Interacting with people; the clue is in the name…

Nick Holmes – Group Learning & Development Lead, Magic Memories

New growth, new needs

In 2016, Magic Memories acquired an organization in the US and grew by almost 50%, rising to around 2,500 members of staff in total across the globe.

This rapid growth made the deficiencies in their legacy intranet, deployed when staff numbers were at just 500-700, more apparent. Originally launched without a plan in mind, the system was used mainly as a document storage site, and was regarded as relatively limiting, expensive, and ultimately suffering from a lack of engagement. As a high growth organization, Magic Memories needed something to meet the needs of each and every employee. But following their acquisition, their intranet was only meeting the needs of around 40% of their 2,500-person workforce.

Recognizing the need to connect their staff around the world, Magic Memories began to look elsewhere. After performing extensive research and speaking to organizations across the globe, Magic Memories decided to partner with Interact to achieve its company-wide collaboration and branding goals.

“After I narrowed my search down, Interact were head and shoulders above the rest in terms of what they could offer. By that I mean look and feel, accessibility, and also ultimately value for money. We were able to get 2,500 employees onto the intranet for the same price we were getting 500 to 700 for the old provider. To me, that’s a no-brainer.”

Nick Holmes, Group Learning & Development Lead, Magic Memories

A collaborative design process

At the early onset of their process, Magic Memories set the design of their new intranet, “Click”, as a high priority. With teamwork set as precedence, Magic connected their design teams with Interact’s to develop an intranet system that suited the needs of their brand, as well as the needs of their workforce.

“The way we worked together making Click, which is the name of our intranet, felt like Magic. This was really important to us, and we set the expectation really early that design was a big element for us.

“The teams worked well together and designed something that we not only loved, but ultimately, worked for us and supported what we were looking to achieve.”

Magic Memories intranet Click homepage

Collaboration was forthcoming, with any desired or necessary revisions being taken care of by professionals on both teams. The support of the Interact team made the process easy. “If we want to add or change or remove certain bits, it’s literally just an email away,” says Nick. “If you’ve got anything you want to update, change, move – it’s intuitive and easy to use, but if you need support, Interact are really receptive to helping you at any stage.”

Closing the gaps in a globally dispersed staff

Following the development of Click, Magic Memories employees now have a place to go to find out what is actually going on within the organization and to learn things that they didn’t have access to before Click. Brand new materials are now being seen for the first time by more than 70% of all the Magic Memories workforce.

“When you have such a high-growth organization, gaps always start to appear. Click gave us the opportunity to take a breath and say, ‘everything lives here’. This is the place you go for news, for updates, for best practice; but also for fun, for engagement, for learning and now for leadership as well.”

To create a tailored experience for their global workforce, Magic has established regional areas within Click. The homepage is kept global so that everyone, whether they are in Spain or America, can be connected to the business in the same way. However, by creating different pages for different regions, they can tailor information to give people the news that actually matters to their role.

Magic Memories Regional Team page

(A regional team page on Click presents information and updates relevant to that particular region).

“The major benefit we’ve seen since we’ve released Click is that people are actually talking about it,” Nick says.

“Before, we didn’t have the right system for people to find answers. The typical response would be, ‘I just go and Google it’. Whereas if staff have issues and problems now, the default is: ‘have you looked on Click? It’s on Click’. The big win for us is that people are talking about this as the place to go and get information, training, best practice, news, and feedback.”

The only source of truth

For Magic Memories, Click has been valuable in creating a single source of truth for their organization. Before implementing Interact, the hundreds of venues that Magic serviced across the world were largely unsynchronized; there was no continuity about approach, best practice, or the brand when taking photos or delivering service to customers.

Now, employees have the option to go onto the intranet and see videos, ask questions from colleagues, and read how-to guides on what ‘great’ looks like for their organization. In a service-orientated industry, this first-hand and consistent instruction for employees delivers huge benefits for the organization.

Executing a global learn leadership program

Click has turned out to be not just a replacement for the old intranet, but a complete core business function for the Magic Memories team. Along with being a driving force for global collaboration, implementing Interact technology has been a huge cost saver for their organization. A majority of the savings are the result of using Click as not just an intranet, but also as a training and leadership development program.

We have essentially saved 50 percent by switching to Interact, because previously we had around half the amount of staff and were spending the same amount of money on the old provider.

“Also, anytime you get a great learning management system, you’re looking at a significant cost. We don’t need to put up that investment now because we can drive our learning through Click, through being creative and using the different options available. We also use Click for our performance review process, representing another cost saving for us.”

Magic’s old intranet hosted little to no training documents, so when Click launched in October, one of the first objectives was to develop a training toolbox. Essentially, whether it be a frontline employee or manager, every tool that was established as best practice would be available with the click of a button.

From this, they launched their leadership development program and transformed Click into a virtual learning college (VLC). Using the team pages, they made a private team page for each cohort that was going through the program and used the functionality in that to resemble a VLC. For someone going through the leadership program, the first module is done in-house, where a program can be built around their needs. The remaining modules are completed through distance learning at the pace of the user. All modules are video episode learning and accessible from any location via Click.

Magic Memories Leadership training page

(Magic’s Global Leadership program, ANZ People Maker, is delivered through a dedicated content area on Click.)

“Essentially, we are able to execute a global learn leadership program through Click that has really high user engagement and results,” says Nick.

“Users can access what they need from any device or location – ideal in an industry where a lot of people may not have a laptop at home, but can watch videos on their tablet, for example. With our leadership programs, 60% of people have gone through it and have been promoted to a new position within the first six months. That’s pretty huge, especially seeing as a year ago this didn’t exist.”

Magical Results

The feedback from Magic’s team has been extremely positive as employees express that the new intranet is worlds apart from their deficient legacy system. “Finally, we have a place where we can actually talk to people, ask the questions that we want to ask, and get the information we need to get,” says Nick. “Everyone agrees that Click is worlds apart from what we used to have.”

Since launch, engaged employees expressed the desire to know what role their colleagues play in the organization. There are people just like them, across different countries, doing the same thing but in a different location. As a result, Magic launched My Magic Story, which rotates around a different member of the staff every month and gives them a chance to tell their story. They are interviewed, and their stories are shared on Click.

My Magic Story Magic Memories intranet

“No matter if you’re a frontline member of staff or you’re a member of the board, a senior leadership team, or a middle manager, we want to get everyone’s story,” says Nick.

The next step in the process will be to take the interviews to video stories of their lives. For Magic Memories, continuous evolution is the goal. “We’re not perfect by any means, but we’re getting there, and Click is definitely the first step into getting people engaged,” says Nick.

Whether you’re a global organization of people across different markets, different sites, and different locations, or if you’re a small to medium-sized organization with everyone in one place, I couldn’t recommend Interact highly enough. It connects your people; they give you the tools to be able to manage the intranet yourself, but they’re also there and support you when you need it most, which is absolutely critical.

Nick Holmes – Group Learning & Development Lead, Magic Memories