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Boost your company culture with Interact

Your intranet plays a powerful role in defining and promoting your company culture. This window into the digital workplace allows users to connect to the tools, people and information they need to bring about a positive connection to your organization. With its ability to encourage communication, boost engagement and assist the exchange of ideas, an intranet offers something no other workplace software can.

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Where your organization and your employees come together

As the window to your digital workplace, your intranet should showcase the mission and direction of your organization and instill a connection between your employees and your business. This is the place where you can communicate company values, share news and updates, celebrate success and inform everyone of developments, objectives and more.

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Great communication begins with connections

Interact Forums give employees a place to connect with anyone within the organization, to start discussion and invite or share ideas. Forums help you tap into expertise and open up new avenues of thinking: whether it's work-related or social chat.

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A workplace with personality

Branding your intranet with its own personality, design and identity helps your employees form an emotional connection to your organization. Creating a strong internal brand encourages familiarity across your workforce; promoting ownership, pride, a sense of belonging and boosting engagement with your digital workplace.

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Keep your mobile workforce close

Ensure workers have a sense of belonging even when they're far from the physical workplace. With Interact's responsive intranet design and powerful native mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can connect your entire workforce regardless of how and where they work.

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The social workplace

When you combine collaboration and community, you get productivity. And your intranet provides everything your employees need to communicate, engage and work together to spark creativity and create positive outcomes. The social aspect of your intranet allows you to like and share posts, @mention, see activity timelines and remove the traditional workplace barriers of unfamiliarity, time zones, and dispersed technology.

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Voting and polls

Employees can collaborate on ideas and suggestions by collecting views and feedback through polls and voting. Do this anonymously to encourage reluctant participants.


Give staff a platform to share news and views, whether work-related or personal. Creating a social environment that enables staff to connect informerly, helps to encourage a culture of sharing and a sense of belonging.

Rewards and recognition

Recognize employee efforts and contributions with peer-to-peer and top-down rewards, awarded through the intranet. A simple but effective way to improve engagement and retention.

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