Why Intelligent Suggestions Can Make Your Day

I’ve just spent the last few weeks on an amazing holiday in Mexico. The hotel was brilliant and one of the things I loved was the buffet breakfast. (Always my favourite meal of the day!) It was huge, I’ve never seen so much choice; anything you could ever want or need was available.

It was actually a little overwhelming.

It took ages just to work your way around it and every day they had additions and variations that were impossible to keep up with.
The first couple of days I had blueberry pancakes, because the pancake stand was easy to find. On the third day the waiter who brought our tea, Henry, told me that they had blueberry muffins that morning, could he get me one?

Over the days that followed Henry would observe my breakfast choices and make suggestions on food I might like based on what I’d tried, offering to get the selection for me. It was great, it meant I got to try a wide range of what they had to offer, based on my own preferences and I felt like I never missed out on something I would have wanted. It also served to speed up breakfast quite a bit, which meant more time by the pool!

It was wonderful having Henry to make tailored suggestions, it meant i didn’t miss anything I would like, but I didn’t have to spend half the morning browsing for my choice and as his knowledge of my likes and dislikes increased, my confidence in his ability to make suggestions increased.

For many people their intranet can often feel like the enormous breakfast buffet. So much information, so many things that might be useful, nowhere near enough time to experience it all to find the most relevant content.

Interact’s Intelligent Store is like a ‘Henry’ for your intranet.

Interact’s Intelligence Store is made up of many different algorithms, that watch and record what users read and search for and how they engage with the intranet, absorbing their preferences and registering what they are interested in and information they need to do their job.

This ‘virtual Henry’ then uses the data to enhance people’s experience of the intranet by tailoring the information and suggestions it makes to their needs and wants. Ensuring that content really does intelligently find people without the inconvenience of having to expand time and effort looking for it.

Interact Suggests

Using the Interact Suggests Widget, the Intelligence Store makes relevant and useful suggestions to users, such as people they may like to follow, documents to read that are useful or interesting and forum posts that could have an impact.
The Interact Suggests widget is interactive, allowing a further filtering and ordering of information to suite people’s preferences.

As the system knows what people have already read, all the useful and relevant information that might have been missed is delivered directly to the right person.

No more feeling overwhelmed.

Having the important content people need delivered directly to them increases perceived intranet value, saves time and effort and enables people to get on with their day, happy in the knowledge they are not missing some tasty morsel of information (just as I nearly missed the ‘Pain au Chocolat’ one morning!)

Interact’s Sign Post Widget records people’s actions, usage of features and use of the intranet. This information is then used to let each person know about information that might be missing, or out of date in their profile. This information is critical to getting the most out of your intranet (and for providing Interact Answers, Interact’s crowd sourcing tool, with an accurate list of potential experts to respond to questions.)

The Sign Post Widget, taps into the Intelligence Store and offers people advice and tips for getting the most out of their intranet, by identifying useful features such as ‘@’ and ‘#’ tagging, that they may not have tried. Then providing not only details of how to use the feature but also the rationale as to why using the feature is a benefit, not just to them but the organisation as a whole.

As people try the features and update their profile, the information presented in the Signpost Widget is recorded, giving people an overall ‘completeness’ score. This score can be used to encourage gamification and involvement and as the ‘Profile Completeness Score’ has been introduced into the Statistics and Search Analytics – you can use this data when carrying out staff appraisals.

From generating a unique list of useful, tailored information every day, to advising people on how to improve their use of the intranet’s amazing tools and features, Interact’s Intelligence Store can make people more productive, efficient, engaged and involved.

So, just as a good breakfast does – intelligent suggestions on your intranet can really make your day.

If you would like a demo of the Intelligence Store within Interact Intranet – contact us>>