Top 12 Intranet Blog Posts of 2010 Written by Intranet Managers and Independent Consultants

2010 was a really interesting year in the world of intranets, and a lot of people posted some great blog posts about intranet best practice and trends. So we thought we’d start 2011 by looking back at 2010 and list some of our favourite intranet blog posts written by Intranet Managers and Independent Consultants.

After a lot of debating, we have determined our 12 favourite blog posts of 2010. Here is the complete top 12 list (in no particular order).

Top 12 Intranet Blog Posts of 2010

Who owns the Intranet? Peter Richards

5 tips for a great intranet strategy, Mark Morell

Design Patterns for Social Experience, Patrick Sikes

Employee Engagements and Intranets, Stephen Byrne

How HR can leverage the intranet, Stephen Byrne

Employees demand a clean home page, no scrolling, Toby Ward

The right formula for your content strategy ,Wedge

Top 5 hottest topics in intranets today, Jane McConnell

The Top Ten Intranet and Digital Workplace Predictions for 2011, Paul Miller

5 intranet trends for business managers in 2010, Janus Boye

Why traditional intranets fail today’s knowledge workers, Oscar Berg

Open Communication in the Enterprise, Bas Zuburg

Which other intranet blog posts did you find helpful?