The Smaller Things in Interact Life Are What Make the Difference

Ever notice how the small things in life bring the most happiness? Well small things are beautiful when it’s Interact you’re talking about.

Come to think of it…maybe they are not so small after all, because they offer big advantages by enabling Interact users to customize and monitor intranet access. See for yourself if you think these small things should be called powerhouse things.

IP specific stylesheets

Here’s a simple enhancement you should know about – you can create an Interact stylesheet based on IP address range. This enables you to create low bandwidth stylesheets that can be delivered to your on-the-road co-workers even if they happen to be in Timbuktu! It’s just another simple idea leading to productivity.

The intelligence component in Interact extends to all of its features including the style sheet. The intranet grows “smarter” with use and content is delivered based on how and what information people search for. The stylesheet presents the information in a way tailored to fit the user’s needs.

Media Manager

Wondering if you need image editing software on your desktop to handle uploaded larger images from the intranet? Here’s one of the smaller things that saves time and aggravation. Intelligent Interact 4.0 makes sure images pulled into Media Manager will be properly scaled to a workable size. Making the Media Manager even more exciting is that it can handle videos too.

Sweetening the deal is the fact static images can have keywords attached so that they are easily searchable or retrievable. And all the popular video file formats are supported including .mpg, .avi, .swf, .flv and .wmv.


Upload static images or video files to Media Manager and they become a resource for intranet users looking for ways to liven up their documents or homepages. These are small things promising big results.

What Didn’t They Find?

Are you wondering if your intranet is producing results based on how people actually search and not on how it expects searches to be conducted? In other words, have you wondered what information you are not getting from your intranet? Here’s a simple idea – report on what the intranet fails to produce!

Okay…Interact 4.0 will do just that! You can use the Statistics & Search Analytics to create usage reports that show search successes and failures.

Monitoring failed searches lets you fill the information gaps in the intranet system quickly and efficiently. What a simple…and good…idea.

Interact’s big and small ideas work together to create outstanding results.