The intranet employee engagement journey with CrossCountry

Employee Engagement continues to be one of the greatest challenges for many companies and the rise of Employee Advocacy is seen as a true commitment to managing this problem. Malcolm Cotterell and Kate Barnes, Employee Engagement Managers at CrossCountry have continually impressed and taught us with their engagement techniques via their intranet and we want to share their intranet success story with you in our brand new Customer Intranet Live Tours series.

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With a workforce of 1,700, across 14 locations, many of whom are based on trains and working shifts, the challenge could be getting employees to identify with CrossCountry as opposed to their station or crew. Malcolm and Kate talk you through how they overcome a number of challenges and what that looks like on Connect, their intranet.

Engagement is fluid; Connect had to be smart, liked and wanted

They have done this by ensuring that Connect provides a real service to support employees in their work; focusing on which areas related to different functions within the company. Their previous top down communication SharePoint 2007 intranet didn’t work for them; they wanted a more engaging platform with two way communications across the business and a place people wanted to come to use to get work done or learn from others.

We didn’t just want a comms tool but a place to do work and engage

Critical for a business where only 18% of employees have company technology and over 40% are logging in on a monthly basis. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Malcolm and Kate have driven up user adoption on their intranet through business process, communication and collaboration.

They also discuss the ever evolving needs of a mobile workforce and how that will be made far easier with Interact 7’s responsive design functionality.

This is an insightful webinar for all types of business, regardless of workforce; CrossCountry’s winning formula has been simplicity and openness. There will be a number of lessons you can take away and apply immediately.

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