Reward staff with peer-to-peer recognition on your intranet

At Interact we believe that no kind act should go unrewarded. We believe that people benefit from being able to reward each other and that your business environment, people’s motivation and ultimately the efficiency and productivity of your business can be massively improved with the simple step of recognising hard work and positive attitudes.

Setting the Scene:

Rebecca Sutton

For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of one of the possibly many, people who work for you.

We’ll call her Becky.

Becky has been working for your organisation for many years. Her appraisals all say she’s good at her job, conscientious and knowledgably.

Yet what Becky’s appraisals don’t show is the extra mile she will go for her colleagues and for the organisation. Becky is always there to offer support, always the first to help a new member of staff to settle in and while she’s quiet, she is trusted by colleagues to know the answer or take extra work on if needed.

Becky is a huge asset; but her managers don’t know this as she is quiet, efficient and not someone to advertise her efforts.

News flash: Your organisation is FULL of people just like Becky.

The Problems

  1. How do you recognise people like Becky?
  2. How do you ensure that the people in your organisation, like Becky, feel valued and appreciated?
  3. What business benefit does recognising these people bring?

The Answers
The answer to the first two questions is simple, take the onus of recognition away from middle and upper management and place it where it belongs, in the hands of your staff.  Empower people to thank and reward colleagues they believe make their work life easier.

The answer to the third question should be self-evident. People have more control over their working environment, are able to express their gratitude to those they work with, fostering a solid sense of community and goodwill in any environment. This in turn has a profoundly positive effect on moral and motivation, increasing productivity and retention rates.

These results can all be achieved easily with Interact Rewards.

Using Interact Rewards is as simple as saying ‘Thank You’. Anyone can do it and everyone should.

There are several set up choices with Interact Rewards so you can best reflect your company ethos.

  • Everyone gets points they can give and these points can be redeemed for pre-determined prizes.
  • Everyone gets points they can give and these points accumulate over the year and the person with the most points annually is your ‘Employee of the Year’.
  • There are no points and everyone is just able to thank each other on an open manner.

Interact Rewards Provides:

  • Powerful peer to peer recognition.
  • A way to monitor the effort people give above and beyond their job.
  • A very compelling reason for people to visit the Intranet.
  • A powerful motivator.

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