Maximise productivity with powerful Discussion Forums

Imagine how much easier it would be if there was one place your employees could visit to quickly ask a question, share an idea and collaborate in order to get their jobs done. Think about the time they would save and how much more efficiently they would be able to work.

Discussion forums are a familiar environment to both generation X and Y so they get the greatest traction from users – making them the perfect platform to encourage purposeful collaboration, improve communication and leverage knowledge sharing on your intranet. Because a Forum is also a peer-owned space it can also be a place of psychological safety in the workplace.

We believe an intranet should make your employees working life’s easier and not overload them with a collection of tools that are confusing, leading to them losing trust in your intranet. This is why when we are developing our intranet software, we endeavour to ensure that the tools we create help people get their work done in the easiest way possible.

In the brand new version of Interact 7 we wanted to create the ultimate Discussion Forum experience, containing the maximum functionality for users. So we developed a central area that users can come to when they want to discuss a topic, share their ideas or when they have a question to ask.

How did we do this? Read our behind the scenes journey of how we created the most powerful Discussion Forums experience in Interact 7 (and how many cups of coffee it took!)>>

The benefits that the new Discussion Forums in Interact 7 will bring to companies are massive and include:

  • Improved knowledge retention – reducing the reliance on email for sharing ideas and asking questions
  • Reduction in duplication of effort – putting an end to answering the same question again and again by the same people
  • Improved innovation – providing a topic based area for surfacing ideas in your company and offering a unique way to vote and take action as a result.

We are launching Interact 7 on April 30th in a free online webinar, where our CEO and Founder, Nigel Danson will reveal all of the advanced new features in Interact 7 – our most sophisticated intranet experience to date.

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The intranet revolution is here….are you ready?