Manage Your Interact Intranet System Using Analytics

Managers have many responsibilities and one of them is making sure business resources the company has invested in are used to their fullest extent. Resources include both human and computer resources, and the intranet system requires both.

So how do you if the intranet is being fully utilized? How do you make sure the search results people are getting are the best ones? How can you be certain there are no gaping information holes in your intranet content?

Plug the Content Holes

Those are questions that are easy to answer when you use Interact Intranet’s Statistics and Search Analytics. Interact Intranet can produce reports that let managers know when searches failed to produce desired results indicating missing content. This information shows up on the Searches With Zero Results Report.

Intranet analytics can also tell managers when the search results were inadequate. Correcting this problem may require beefing up current content or changing the terminology used in content so typical user searches reach the right content.

But the Interact Intranet goes even one step further. Because the system is intelligent, it can even produce a listing of Documents Without Keywords. In other words, you can get a list of intranet documents that seem to have relevant content based on user search criteria but don’t have the exact keywords.

Tweaking Content to Build a Better System

Of course, once you know there is content that needs keywords, it’s time to do what managers do best…manage! The ultimate quality of the intranet relies on constantly tweaking the content to make it user search compatible. Here are some ideas to make that happen:

  • Give feedback to content providers so they understand which content is failing to show up in searches
  • Use feedback to include keywords in future articles or documents submitted to intranet
  • Revise content by adding relevant keywords
  • Change relevant content words to keyword format


Interact Intranet’s Statistics & Search Analytics produce analytics and reports that can be managed in a way that improves future results.