Would you like a sneaky peek of other company intranets?

Intranets by their very nature are internal assets with only company employees having the credentials to access them, so when researching intranets to find out the good, the bad and the ugly you won’t find much to look at in the external world. Real life examples, the pain points of adoption and honest feedback on what works and more importantly what doesn’t in the context of a business, are not things you are likely to find out about unless you speak to someone who has gone through it. You can’t very well knock on the office next door and ask to have a look at their intranet – well you could but I am not sure it would work! So, where do you find these people and their intranet wisdom?

Interaction Intranet Conference is the answer!

Our Expo gives you a sneaky peek at intranets in action (no pre-recorded demo’s here!) and the chance to speak to the people who are responsible for them. You can ask them questions about what’s worked and why, and what didn’t to help you to shape the future of your intranet. The advice you will get from our Expo is invaluable and something you won’t find at any other conference.

Who will I see?

To whet your appetite here are a few of the household names who will be at Interaction to show you their intranet:

:MYWORKSPACE by Mediterranean Shipping Company (UK) Ltd

As part of the privately owned global shipping line, Mediterranean Shipping Company (UK) Ltd has over 500 employees in the UK. Their intranet – :MYWORKSPACE, was developed to ensure mass adoption amongst its mixed technical ability staff and encourage communication and collaboration. An entrant in this year’s My Beautiful Intranet competition :MYWORKSPACE was commended for “its simple colour palette, surfacing of user-generated content and simple highlighted tasks and topics on the right side of the homepage.” by The Digital Workplace Group.

Take a tour around :MYWORKSPACE with MSC and see how it has:

  • Improved staff communications
  • Enabled integration between regional offices
  • Introduced social collaboration into the business


rubix by DWF LLP

DWF LLP is a large business law firm has grown significantly over the last few years due to mergers, lateral hires and acquisitions, and now has over 2,500 people in 12 locations across the UK. Launched in July 2014, rubix has been shaped via a larger internal branding exercise which saw DWF take to the road and consult with employees to define who they are and how that should be presented internally.

Come and take a look around rubix with DWF and see how they are:

  • Ensuring the internal brand supported the intranet objectives
  • Making it easy for employees to find the information they want
  • Enabling communication between offices and aiding collaboration


CAKE by Staffordshire Housing Group

Staffordshire Housing Group has undergone significant changes including the integration of two recently merged organisations. Their new intranet – CAKE, had to provide social engagement and business communication tools, as well as collaborative spaces and document storage, but it also needed to engage staff and help them form new relationships and develop an understanding of the business as a whole.

Come and enjoy CAKE with Staffordshire Housing Group and find out how they:

  • Gave their employees a voice to share their opinions on everything from digital engagement to national housing policy
  • Have successfully brought everyone together by making them all a part of one organisation and also given them a tool that helps identify and find other people within the organisation
  • Have improved staff engagement and developed everyone’s understanding of the business as a whole

CAKE inner

b.hive by Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s is one of the biggest children’s charities in the UK with 8000 staff spread across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland via 10 offices, 500 shops and 900 services. Launched early summer 2014, b.hive has replaced their existing intranet – BaRT that was no longer to meet the charity’s requirements. As a large disparate organisation, Barnardo’s wanted to make it easy for its employees to have access to essential company information, news and raise the profile of fundraising amongst employees.

Join Barnardo’s on a tour of b.hive to find out how they have:

  • Brought together their massive disparate workforce to feel part of a community
  • Integrates their internal and external communication
  • Encouraged interaction and collaboration amongst users


These are just 4 of the exciting intranets that will be available for you to take a personal tour of at Interaction.

And there’s more!

Our expo has 8 different intranets on tour including:

  • The Loop by the Children’s Trust, the winner of our charity competition in 2013 and the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries.
  • Connect by CrossCountry, the train operator with the most extensive network in the UK and part of the Arriva Group.
  • Fieldfisher, the global law firm built around people.
  • The Fridge by ao, the online retailer who help make buying appliances easy.

There is no other intranet conference that gives you this unique opportunity anywhere in the UK, so don’t miss out book your ticket to Interaction on the 16th October in London now. Tickets are priced from GBP249.99 +VAT and if you’re a Charity you can benefit from 20% discount using code NFP20.