Large Companies Will Appreciate Interact Enterprise-Level Intranet

Large global companies have a special need in relation to communication. Their very size alone presents challenges when it comes to keeping staff connected as they roam the world. You certainly can’t have everyone using different platforms as it would make shared communication and collaboration virtually impossible. And what happens when the little matter of multiple languages becomes an issue?

Worldwide Intranet

Enterprise-level Interact was designed just for those large companies who want to deploy an intranet that can cross geographic and language boundaries. Your company can benefit from this model of intranet architecture if you have over 5,000 users located in different countries that need to be able to interact with each other and share information on an as-needed basis.

Large Business? No Problem!

In fact, the Enterprise Architecture was specifically designed for multi-language intranet needs and advanced communication between people located around the globe. If this describes your company then the chances are you need exactly what Interact has to offer.

  • Increasing collaboration between staff members located in multiple countries which promotes a sense of shared vision and commitment to company success.
  • Improved sharing of ideas so that the company benefits from the creativity and knowledge of all workers no matter where they are located
  • Efficient click through communication that reduces email traffic
  • Ability to communicate better even when there are bandwidth issues because Interact is an intelligent system that is responsive to external communication needs
  • Simple deployment of new country intranet communication access using a single platform
  • Ability to handle multiple languages with ease

If you are a big multi-country or multi-language business, or both, then Enterprise Interact is the answer to your intranet needs.