Kantar Health Choose Interact Intranet to Unite Global Workforce

Kantar Health, a leading healthcare-focused global consultancy and marketing insights company, has selected Interact Intranet to support collaboration and team building amongst its team of geographically dispersed experts.

With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Kantar Health wanted a solution which would rise to the challenge of uniting globally scattered experts. Interact Intranet’s fully searchable people directory enables users to quickly locate colleagues using a variety of search criteria including skills and expertise making their knowledge and experience easily available to those who need it. A variety of enterprise networking tools creates a ‘virtual watercooler’ helping employees to bond and build communities.

Mary Sobiechowski, Chief Information Officer at Kantar Health and an expert in social networking, reports that Interact Intranet provides the organisation with the ideal platform to share collective wisdom and highly specialised knowledge.

Interact Intranet helps us build collaborative teams and establish a knowledge sharing community by facilitating information flow. It encourages user participation by bringing together a variety of advanced networking features in one easy to use package”

In addition to the advanced communication and collaboration features, Interact Intranet provides Kantar with a solution which improves productivity and efficiency, provides reporting and business intelligence features and is easy to manage and administer.