As most internal communication professionals know, intranets are the backbone of a successful employee experience. In fact, so many organizations now use intranet software to achieve incredible feats of internal communication and employee engagement that they are happy to celebrate them at the top intranet awards.

Prestigious intranet awards programs run throughout the year and can be a fantastic way to spotlight your organization. After all, what’s better than being crowned the best of all your peers, the top intranet in your industry? Show off your hard work and reward everyone who works on your intranet for their time and effort.

1) Nielsen Norman

Let’s start with the heavy hitter. One of the most exclusive and respected intranet awards out there has to be the supreme Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual.

The founders have dedicated their careers to improving technology and design by studying real users within organizations worldwide. And they know what they’re talking about – they’ve been doing it for twenty-three years!

In that time, Nielsen Norman has evaluated thousands of internal comms strategies and has consulted for leading enterprises in almost every industry. Getting recognized by Nielsen Norman is one of the most exciting accolades and a testament to the fact that you’ve done everything right regarding your intranet design.

Award timeline:

Entries Close: November 4, 2022

Winners Announced: July 2023

You may have missed the NN deadline for 2022, but check back on the organization’s website in August 2023 for details of the 2024 competition.

2) Gartner Communication Awards

Now in its 13th year, the Gartner Communication Awards are a global powerhouse for awards and recognition. The awards identify leading communication strategies that have achieved tangible and measurable business outcomes, impacting employee engagement and workplace culture.

The Gartner Communication Awards are a leading event for acknowledging the best of the best globally, an award for organizations that have truly made a difference.

Award timeline:

Entries Open: October 3, 2022

Entries Close: December 31, 2022

Finalists Announced: February 2023

Winners Announced: May 2023

The INTx Intranet Awards Allstars

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3) Ragan 

Ragan’s Employee Communication Awards celebrate the best internal communication strategies, with special recognition for the teams that make them happen. The Ragan awards specialize in intranets that foster engagement and collaboration, showcasing the best in employee experience strategy. It’s a testament to the ongoing incredible work that our internal comms pros undertake. 

Award timeline:

Currently closed until 2023

4) Step 2 Awards 

The Step 2 Awards recognize outstanding contributions to intranets and digital workplaces. The awards uncover solutions and software that help support an internal comms strategy and benefit the entire workforce. They also acknowledge the hard and inspiring work that the support staff achieves, those essential teams and agencies behind the workplace communication developments.

Award timeline:

Currently closed until 2023

5) IOIC Awards

Founded over seven decades ago, the IOIC (Institute of Internal Communications) is a UK-based professional body that upholds the highest standards in internal communications. IOIC’s annual awards celebrate the hugely positive impact of internal communications on organizations, employees, and society. 

Award timeline:

Entries Open: Mid-January 2023

Entries Close: Friday, 12 May 2023

Finalists Announced: Early July 2023

Winners Announced: Friday, 22 September

6) Inspiring Workplaces

The Inspiring Workplace awards are held in the USA, Europe, and the UK, recognizing that internal communications are the future of shaping culture.

In this era of hybrid and remote working, the innovative workplaces of tomorrow provide a source of inspiration and education for the modern workforce. And it’s not as simple as a fancy office space any longer. It’s about creating a thriving employee experience that engages and supports teams as they progress. The winners of Inspiring Workplaces want to change the world, one intranet at a time.

Award timeline:

Entries Open: December 14, 2022

Entries Close: February 22, 2023

Finalists Announced: March 22, 2023

Winners Announced: June 7, 2023

The INTx Intranet Awards Allstars

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