Interact Live 2021: The highlights

This year, Interact Live 2021 launched digitally for the first time. Holding the event virtually allowed delegates from all over the world to register and attend the unforgettable afternoon of talks and insight. With a mix of thought leaders, customers, and internal experts, this year’s theme was based around the ‘Future of Work’.

As organizations try to adapt to the new way of working, ensure that staff are protected from the pandemic, and stay connected to ensure business continuity, adjusting to this ever-changing landscape requires expert advice and reliable internal communications software. Across the afternoon, delegates heard guidance from industry leaders, as well as a unique perspective on internal communications and the future of the workplace. 

Many thanks to everyone who joined the Interact team for this year’s event. We had attendees from all over the world who were keen to get involved, ask questions to our speakers, and share their internal communications experience through intranet software. 

If you missed it, we’ve pulled together a round-up of the talks, with a recording should you wish to watch.

Tom Cheesewright

The shape of tomorrow

COVID-19 accelerated the progress of existing trends in the way we live and work; hybrid and remote working have become mainstream like never before. In this first Keynote of the day, Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright explains how businesses can embrace the change and make themselves future-ready for whatever comes next.

Watch and find out: 

  • Why we are in a period of high-frequency change, and what this means for organizations 
  • The importance of being agile and adaptive 
  • What matters to the workers of the future and how to utilize this effectively

“First, I would like to thank you for organizing it! Overall it was a very good event and platform. Really like each of the speakers, as well as the breakout room.”

Julie, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Jen Prestigiacomo, Internal Communications Manager at Indeed

How Indeed pulled off its successful intranet launch in six months

Indeed know that connecting with employees and fostering a sense of community through engagement is vital to their culture. After updating and enhancing their intranet, powered by Interact, it became a source of dynamic information and internal communications. Here’s how they pulled it off.

Watch and find out: 

  • How Indeed rebranded and migrated their intranet to adapt to the requirements of a rapidly growing global company
  • The benefits of a strong launch strategy and the impact it had on employee engagement 
  • The importance of collaboration and translation across a company spanning multiple continents and languages 

“I loved hearing about Indeed’s story. Overall, I thought this was a great event.”

Allyson, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Dawn Speed and Cathy Boone of ROI Comms

DE&I: Be Intentional

The past year has shown us the risks and rewards of taking a stand regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organizations face internal and external demands to evaluate and be accountable for their DE&I efforts, and the impact it can have on their employees, leaders, brands, customers, and other stakeholders. 

Watch and find out: 

  • How to create and elevate your DE&I programs and communications
  • Why diversity needs to be consistent and ubiquitous in an organization, driven from the top down 
  • When it is appropriate to utilize cultural moments as a driver for DE&I 

“I love the meet-ups in person, but felt this virtual event was just as effective, if not more.”

Chris, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Lia Crooks and Kelly O’Neill from Simply Business

Wellbeing is for life, not just for Covid.

Wellbeing within the workplace has become essential and necessary, going way beyond tactical initiatives. So how can internal comms and HR partners amplify efforts and ensure that you build a new normal with wellbeing at its core?

Watch and find out: 

  • The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and how an organization can support its employees  
  • How multiple communication strategies can be aligned with a focus on employee wellbeing 
  • Why listening, not just talking, to employees is essential 

“I was extremely impressed with the lineup of presenters and it was super helpful to learn how they are using and launching their intranets as well as strategizing to reach their internal audiences.”

Lisa Marie, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Tobi Anderson, Strategic Consultant at Interact

Change communication: tools, strategy, and real-life stories

Interact superstar, Tobi Anderson, deep dives into the role of modern intranet software in managing flourishing change comms campaigns. She provides real-life stories and strategies from global enterprises and the successes that she has been part of over the past year.

Watch and find out: 

  • How to capture the attention of your employees, and how to keep it
  • Exclusive tips and expert considerations for your intranet 
  • The value of taking the time to establish personas and distinct user groups

“The features presentation by your strategists were the most interesting. It’s always a pleasure to learn what the platform can do!”

Roxanne, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Wedge Black Intranet Consultant at Clearbox

A lightning-fast introduction to content design for intranet publishers

‘Content design’ is an evidence-based approach to working out what to write before you start writing. It’s about being reader and goal-focused and is most suitable for high-value reference pages. But the techniques introduced in this lightning talk can aid any writer, communicator, and publisher.

Watch and find out: 

  • Why should an organization care about well-designed content? 
  • The benefit of researching your audience before launching an intranet 
  • How data and research can make or break an internal communication strategy 

“Really enjoyed the ClearBox presentation and the futurists’ point of view. I got some great actionable takeaways.”

Debra, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Sharon O’Dea

What does the future of work mean for you… and your intranet?

For our second Keynote of the day, Sharon O’Dea looks at what the future of work actually means, and how organizations can learn from professional futurists to ensure their digital workplace is future-ready.

Watch and find out: 

  • How looking to the future can help an organization act more strategically 
  • The changing world of work and how humans use technology to augment our skills 
  • The impact of future-proofing your workplace, and what first steps to take

“The topics covered were very much those on the agenda of internal communicators at the moment in supporting and delivering for their workplaces. The gentleman who was hosting and facilitating the event was very good. I enjoyed all the sessions but I particularly got a lot out of Sharon’s session.”

Claire, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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Stacie Barrett, Director of Internal Communication at Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s recipe for the future of the employee experience

Domino’s, a customer of Interact, gives powerful takeaways and considerations for the future landscape of your business, including the importance of connecting your customers, employees, and more to purpose, your values, and each other.

Watch and find out: 

  • What does the future of work, and the transition back to the office, look like?  
  • Purpose, values, strategy, and vision – why these are the critical ingredient in your recipe for success 
  • How to use different mediums of content to build up storytelling  

“I loved seeing all the possibilities the CMS has and learning from others about best practices.”

Sarah, Interact Live 2021 attendee

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