How successful is your intranet? The Feedback

Thanks to Steve Osborne for sharing his knowledge on Statistics & Benchmarking Intranets, it was a very successful event with over 50 attendees. Steve shared some interesting facts about intranets that Interact have surveyed, for example it is possible to get 25% of users to participate in forums. He also shared different ways you can measure the success of your intranet, what per cent of users comment on documents & blogs?

Questions & answers

Q: If keywords are so important why don’t you make it a compulsory field?

A: Interact Intranet does not make it compulsory as the intelligence store has the capacity to search through content to generate key words automatically. We do still mark these fields in red as author key word allocation is preferable.

Q: So with the keyword tagging – can you click on those links and see who the author is so you can go and explain to them?


A: Interact Intranet statistics module will report on all documents without keywords and it then has direct links to the document concerned so you can find out who the author is and talk to them about the provision of keywords.

Q: Is % of content not been looked at over a period of time important What if everyone reads minutes once at the start of the year? You can’t then delete a year later as they may need to be referred back to? I would have thought most companies work that way for at least a year regarding performance reports.

A: There will be content which is popular when uploaded and then only referred to infrequently, however this should only account for a small amount of content, if you have large amounts of content which is not being revisited you could look into what searches are regularly being performed and ensure you have the content that is required on a regularly searched for.

Q: How would you recommend you police what your employees are adding?

A: We don’t recommend policing what employees are adding, there are many ways for employees to express their opinions through comments blogs & forums, they will have a lot of questions to ask & information to share, for which there must be mutual respect & trust.

You cannot control spoken rumours, information given in conversation or by e-mail, however on the intranet all of this information is shared & updated openly. If inappropriate content is added then perhaps this is a disciplinary matter not a matter for the intranet & internal communications team. Read ‘Why social collaboration is important for your intranet’, by guest blogger Joshua David for inspiration on this subject.

Q: Hi, a colleague of mine would find this information really useful, but is unable to listen in today, so will the webinar be available to listen to again?

A: Yes we always record our webinars and make them available for viewing; you can access our On-Demand Webinars in the resource centre on the Interact website

Q: Can you benchmark with other intranets in the financial services industry or global technology companies?

A: We can access statistics from any Interact Intranet to carry out our Benchmarking service, find out more about Interact Benchmarking.

Q: How do companies incentivise people to use the social features e.g. commenting?

A: There are many ways you can get people to engage with your intranet, companies have incentivised with competitions, donations to charity, and using launch strategies. Read Wedge Black’s Blog on engagement.