How G4S’ intelligent intranet improved their global communication strategy

Find out in this short video how leading global security solutions group G4S improved collaboration, communication and the sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst their 400 operating companies across 125 countries. In this video we interview, Digital Communications Executive, Charlotte Borthwick who has been using Interact Intranet to improve the G4S global communication strategy for the past two years.

In 2011 G4S were facing a number of internal issues with their existing intranet, it was very outdated, difficult to navigate and complicated to update. Interact Intranet has been able to deliver a number of benefits to this leading global enterprise. They make great use of the intelligent search functionality on their intranet that searches all of the content on the intranet to provide users with the best results. Using Interact Intranet G4S’ users can now find the information they need in rapid time and at the click of a button.

Their intranet, called ‘The Hub’ has provided G4S with a central communications platform. They use collaborative tools such as Interact Teams to provide an online space for people who are based at different locations to work together on projects, regardless of their time zone. Employees are able to easily start teams that can be set as open, private or hidden, depending on the purpose of the team.

A great success has been their website editing team. Before using Interact Teams, one large email (usually indexed as it was so lengthy!) was sent out to over 125 countries, spread over different time zones, leading to disjointed and delayed replies. Now, they have one place to store important information that people can log onto, regardless of their time-zone. It also provides a central reference point for members to come back to if they’ve been away, without having to sift through a series of long emails.

The Hub has been a huge success in helping a number of departments, including the HR team who use a page on Interact Intranet called the ‘Employee Zone.’ This stores up to date versions of important policies, in-line with legislation that all employees can access at any time to get the information they need.

Cassie Byne, Corporate HR Manager describes Interact Intranet as “time-saving, engaging, visually pleasing and above all really easy to use.”