Digital communications: 6 trends for 2016

2015 certainly delivered in regards to technology shifts in the digital workplace; Software as a Service (Saas) truly shook bought software from its coattails. However many of the usual culprits, such as eradicating email and the demise of the physical office, are taking longer to unfold for many companies.

We’ve waited with interest for Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey results (which ultimately reported no change) before we finalised our summary. We confidently predict 2016 will be a period of huge cultural and hierarchical change, particularly in the board room. Whilst these are exciting times for the majority of us, there will be groups dreading these changes.

With Facebook at Work’s loud announcement, followed by woolly results (has anyone defined what the 90% engagement figure in RBS is actually qualified by yet?), 2016 could well be a year of new names, same old challenges.

Digital communications: 6 trends and predictions for 2016 (infographic)