Creating an essential intranet with Dollar Finance

Dollar Finance have an intranet which is at the core of their business operations, it is their sole method for speaking to and listening to a dispersed workforce in 650 shops across the UK.

When most retailers decide whether to open individual stores on a Sunday, whether there should be a uniform or not, or how to openly discuss the impact of regulatory changes, we doubt their first thought is to ask those affected. If they do it is rarely conducted in an open environment like an intranet.

Well Dollar Finance did, and this has brought them a host of benefits which Paula Kenyon, Intranet Manager at Dollar Finance, will share with you in an online tour of their intranet Doris. She will also discuss how you can design your intranet homepage to be a toolkit for your stores, ensuring one click access leads to slick customer service.

These amazing achievements see Dollar Finance as one of our hot tips to sweep the internal communication and engagement awards scene in 2014.

Sarah Guest, VP of Marketing, Interact

Paula will go on to discuss the resources she has available and how she makes the most of them; from content creators, management who devotedly write blogs, to Training and Development Team who use Doris as a planning tool to manage procedure changes and staff development.

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How often do you open up business critical decisions to those most affected, your staff? How would you even start to create an open culture for it to work? What tools would you use? If you would like to answer yes to some of these questions join Interact Intranet and Paula to see how you could achieve it.

No matter which industry you are in, Dollar Finance’s recipe for success is something every business can learn from, join us on this webinar and take a tour of Dollar Finance’s intranet.

16th January / 3pm GMT / No Charge

16th January / 3pm CST / No Charge