Animated intranet launch videos to excite and delight

Using video to promote the launch or relaunch of a new intranet is a great way to gain exposure and engage employees.

We have seen some great videos over the past 12 months and have been extremely impressed with the design and messaging that has been used to ensure our customers and others have launched their new intranet software with a bang!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your own intranet launch video then here are some of the best videos that have worked towards ensuring high adoption levels and employee excitement towards their company intranet.

Cross Country intranet – Connect

CrossCountry had the mission “To be recognised for delivering great service on great journeys across Great Britain” and to do this they need to engage their employees and make everyone feel counted. Their new intranet was essential to this and in order to spread the message they created this great video to tell employees how Connect could benefit them.

Created by

Royal Canin Intranet

Teaser for the intranet of pet food company Royal Canin. This animation discusses the usual problems of working in a large multinational company, and the solution: an intranet!

Staffordshire Housing Group – CAKE

Staffordshire Housing produced this film to engage staff in the launch of their intranet, CAKE.

Mark Brookes and Sandra Barber worked with creative agency Jammy Custard to promote the launch of their intranet CAKE and to engage new joiners in the future. A fun, informative and short film that neatly introduces what CAKE is all about.

Coca Cola Enterprises Intranet – iConnect

Coca Cola Enterprises have an award winning intranet that is essential to how employees communicate, collaborate and transact in their business. Their video was key to their launch, showing how CCE communicates internally with employees through their intranet site.

UniCredit Group Intranet

The new UniCredit Intranet has improved the daily online experience of the Group’s employees, with an increase of more than 50% in the use of the intranet. Here is their animated teaser video they used to introduce their new intranet to employees:

Lambeth Living Intranet – Living Space

Lambeth Living was transitioning from an unloved, complicated, visually unappealing SharePoint system in a time of grass-roots change in the business. The new Interact intranet is part of a wider focus on employee communication, improving service to customers and better document and information management so they launched this video to engage employees and help with the change process.

Here are our top tips for creating your own intranet promotional video:

1. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Like anything, if you don’t properly prepare and think about what you are trying to achieve then you are unlikely to get anywhere. Creating successful animated content needs you to first think about:

  • Why do we need this video? What do we want to achieve with it?
  • Who will watch this video? Why should they be interested?
  • What do I want employees to do after watching the video? How should they feel?
  • How will we use this video? How will it be delivered or presented to employees?

Thinking about these questions and having the answers ready is a first but very important step in your preparation.

2. Write your script with the end user in mind. You will no doubt be incredibly enthusiastic and excited by the launch of your intranet and all its new features, however it is unlikely your audience / colleagues feel the same way. Write the script based on how the intranet is going to help them and transform the way they work. Be clear with how you want them to use the intranet and why they should embrace this change that may seem unfamiliar and even unnecessary to them at first. Keep their needs in mind and you will easily win them over!

3. Use a video provider you trust to do a good job. It can be expensive to get an animated video so you need to know that who you work with can do a good job. Ask other intranet managers who they have used – LinkedIn is great for making these connections! Also see examples of their work and ask them how they see the story / animation developing. If you get an agency you trust then the great content you produce can be turned into a visual delight that engages and excites your employees from day one.

4. Set realistic timeframes to create your animation. We all hope for a smooth process and the best outcomes but the reality is things don’t always work out that way. Make sure you give yourself a reasonable timeframe to write your script, agree design briefs, sign off first, second and even third drafts and get all stakeholders prepared for reviewing the final version so there is minimal delay to getting it live.

5. Have a plan for promoting your amazing new video. There is no point spending time and money creating a great video but then know one sees it. Think how you will best raise awareness of it. For example add it to your new intranet’s homepage, add in email campaign, have it playing in communal work areas, play at Town Hall meetings, publish on your old intranet if you are transitioning from one to another – you will know what is possible for your company!

Good luck with you intranet launch video and feel free to contact us should you want to discuss your intranet project further.