5 steps to successful remote employee onboarding [infographic]

We’ve all been new recruits to an organization at some time or another. The new faces, names, environments, practices, standards, quirks and office ‘in-jokes’ you’re yet to be a part of can be overbearing for even the best of us. But what if your role at the company wasn’t within the four walls of your organization? What about remote workers?

For remote workers, these challenges can often become intensified when compared to internal staff members. It can be difficult to know how to welcome new employees when they’re in a different physical location.

Who are your remote workers?

To put it simply, a remote worker is a member of your organization who operates away from the hustle and bustle of typical office life.

As a valued member of your team, it’s important to consider the difficulties your new remote employees might face during their time at your organization. Consider for a moment putting yourself in their shoes and identifying some of the challenges they could face: the lack of basic human interaction, the dodgy wi-fi kicking your connection offline at critical times, the unfamiliar access to new resources without knowing the first place to look, the lack of routine, those home ‘comforts’ keeping you from working to your maximum potential (also known as ‘distractions’).

How do you help your remote staff to feel included and welcomed when beginning their role inside your organization while simultaneously encouraging personal growth and making them feel like a valued member of your team? Luckily, we’ve created this handy infographic to help guide you toward ensuring efficient integration and successful onboarding into your company.

onboarding remote employees