3 tips to make employee engagement work for you [infographic]

With all the buzz around employee engagement, what do the numbers say about the impact engagement has on your organization? It turns out they say a lot! Creating an effective engagement strategy is as easy as opening communication and trust between workers and management. When employees feel listened to, responsible, and valued, they will be inspired to go above and beyond at work. Check out some of the stats!

employee engagement infographic

Here are some actions you can take today to start you down the path of engagement:

Communicate… and then communicate some more

Open lines of communication are invaluable. Communication breeds trust, and when employees feel trusted, they go the extra mile. Intelligent content visibility can also help employees feel more informed and connected to the business and its goals.

employee engagement friendship at work

Let employees grow themselves

This can mean anything from letting them lead a project to giving them opportunity to develop new skills. Everyone wants to grow in their position, and no one wants to stay static. By giving what they want you automatically create a nurturing work environment.

employee engagement tip lifetime years working

Make sure they know where they fit into the business

Everyone wants to know they’re valued. Educate employees on the business’ overall plans and goals, as well as where they fit in with those. Knowing why they come into work today will make doing so meaningful and appealing. Review your values and get the team involved. If you want your employees to live by your values, include them in their creation. Ask for feedback on employee benefits. You may think they are wonderful, but does everyone agree?

employee engagement recognition percentages

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