12 signs you need an intranet

1. You can never find the document you’re looking for

Regardless of size, businesses have a lot of documents, so if these are not managed correctly it can be the cause of a lot of frustration. We’ve all been there, searching the shared drive, not knowing where to look, what version to use, what it’s called or sometimes whether it even exists.

An intranet is the perfect solution as it provides one central place to manage your documents. Plus intelligent search function will allow your employees to search keywords and view recommendations and experts within your business.

2. You’re drowning in emails

Email must take part of the responsibility for lost and out of date documentation. They fly around all over the place, so people could be looking at the wrong thread, and important messages, as well as people, can get missed.

Providing a platform for your employees to create visible team spaces where ideas can flow, experts (sometimes initially unknown) can contribute and knowledge can be shared is a proven way to deliver results. Intranet teams allows you to do just that.

3. Knowledge is hidden away

Finding the right person with the knowledge you need can be tricky, even more so when it’s knowledge you don’t know you need. Getting the right information you need quickly and efficiently not only saves time and money, but it also does wonders for morale and productivity.

Employees can be made quickly aware of experts within the business just by searching a keyword or phrase on the intranet.

4. Work is being reproduced

It’s frustrating when you’ve been working really hard on something and then realise it’s already been done. The phrase we’re all familiar with is ‘reinventing the wheel’. It’s a waste of time, effort and opportunity to get better results through working together.

You can use your intranet to update the whole organisation or just selected members, so employees know what colleagues are working on, and at the risk of sounded repetitive, share ideas and knowledge.

5. Information is based on hearsay

Hearsay can be quite damaging to morale and productivity. We’re not naive enough to suggest your intranet will put a hold on gossip, but it gives your business the opportunity to control important business communications in a relevant and timely manner.

By ensuring your employees are aware of what’s going on, you can be confident discussions are armed with the truth.

6. You can never find that number when you need it

Getting contact numbers for colleagues is no mean feat at times, especially when there’s a call waiting for them on the other line. When you finally get through you discover they’re not even in the office.

Your intranet directory is a great tool for finding out a whole host of information about colleagues quickly and easily. This includes contact numbers, whether they’re in the office and many other interesting facts you may not have been looking for. If you’re not entirely sure who you are looking for, you can even search for teams or keywords to find an appropriate person to help.

7. There is a lack of clarity over the business objectives

Can you be sure your employees know the business objectives and how their role contributes to success? If they want to re-familiarise themselves, do they know where to find them?

You can not only house the organisational goals and objectives on the intranet, you can regularly communicate them, set them as mandatory reads, introduce a quiz around them and keep them fresh in your employees’ minds by ensuring they appear on the homepage.

8. Phone calls come in from remote colleagues requesting documents

If a document isn’t quickly and easily found the first time, your employees just won’t look again. When they are working remotely, how do they get hold of what they need? They ring someone in the office to send it over on email, disturbing them from their work too, sometimes several times a day.

Using your intranet to manage your documents is not only an effective way to ensure your employees are using the most up to date documents, but it ensures documents are found quickly and easily with every search.

9. You’re asked lots of ‘quick’ questions

How many times do departments get asked the same question? How many holidays do I have left? How do I process my expenses ? When do I get paid? They may be easy questions, but if everyone is asking they soon mount up.

Having the information in one central place means people will quickly learn where they have to go to access what they need, and being self-sufficient is a benefit to everyone.

10. Forms go missing

Paper based forms should be a thing of the past. They are difficult to keep track of, get lost and hang around on desks taking a long time to get from start to finish.

Intranets make each process smarter by bringing all workflow and forms online, including authorisation and notifications. This means things happen quicker, colleagues are reminded to complete forms, notifications are sent to those waiting and the most up to date versions are always accessible.

11. Your employees want a platform to share their ideas

Employees want to be heard and feel valued in the workplace, although it’s not always easy to find a place where they are comfortable sharing.

An intranet gives your employees a safe space to contribute ideas. It’s a chance for them to get their ideas out into the business, get noticed, and get feedback from management and peers. Plus if required, it gives you a chance to respond.

12. Your customers are given incorrect information

Although unintentionally we’re all guilty of misinforming people from time to time (especially when it comes to directions in the street), but giving customers incorrect information can be quite disastrous.

Intelligent search means the most relevant and popular information is ranked at the top to deliver real-time results quickly. This includes people in the business who will be able to answer any questions on their endorsed expertise.