AI has the power to transform your digital workplace into a hub of employee engagement, streamlined content creation, and accessibility for all. This article outlines the benefits that an AI intranet can have on your organization.

Staying ahead in business requires more than just keeping pace. Leading organizations are constantly on the lookout for new ways to harness innovation at every turn, because failure to integrate the latest technologies could result in lagging behind the competition.

Organizations that prioritize collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing are better positioned to identify opportunities, adapt to change, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market. The most impactful opportunities tend to arise from the collective efforts of diverse teams sharing insights and maintaining alignment on an overarching vision.

In the modern workplace, an effective employee experience platform facilitates those interactions at a greater pace and scale. Failing to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the intranet – like generative AI – means missing out on valuable opportunities.

The AI engine driving dynamic intranet platforms

Traditional intranet solutions that don’t infuse AI into the experience can fall short of delivering the level of relevance, discoverability, and intuitive design needed to keep employees informed and connected.

According to Deloitte, 91% of business leaders say they have an enterprise-wide strategy for AI in the workplace, but many are overlooking the potential of AI to strengthen human-to-human relationships. Its State of AI study notes that by generating personalized, data-driven communications, AI can be a powerful tool for the workforce to nurture uniquely human capabilities.

How to choose the best employee experience platform

Get the expert tips you need to confidently select the right EXP for your organization with this guide.

By harnessing the power of that technology, the AI intranet becomes more than just a tool – it becomes a dynamic solution that empowers employees, facilitates knowledge sharing, and encourages a culture of continuous improvement. To thrive in the digital age, the intranet shouldn’t merely keep up with the pace of innovation, but lead the charge towards a brighter, more connected future.

AI intranet: Democratizing and optimizing content creation

One of the most common challenges for intranet managers and internal communicators is the difficulty of consistently creating engaging and relevant content. The intranet serves as the backbone of that effort, and when it offers AI content creation capabilities, contributors can effortlessly draft intranet articles tailored to their specifications.

Democratizing content creation is crucial. By leveraging AI tools for internal communicators, content can be efficiently scaled while maintaining quality and consistency. This not only saves time and resources but also empowers workers with varying backgrounds and skill levels to produce high-quality content and contribute meaningfully to company culture.

Even if they’re separated by team, geography, technical skill, or even language, AI intranet features can automatically generate or improve content based on just a few simple inputs, streamlining the content creation process and reinforcing consistency across the organization.

Consider an intranet manager responsible for maintaining a vast repository of content for a multinational corporation. Amidst the challenge of keeping the intranet up-to-date and relevant, they turn to AI to unlock valuable data insights. Using AI, the manager generates a comprehensive analysis of the intranet’s content library. AI automatically identifies missing information, flagging areas where updates or additional content are needed to fill knowledge gaps.

It also detects outdated or redundant content so that employees can easily find only the most current and relevant information. It even uncovers buried or underutilized content, allowing the manager to strategically repurpose or recirculate valuable resources that may have been overlooked.

Armed with these data insights, the intranet manager can proactively optimize the intranet’s content strategy, providing employees with access to accurate, up-to-date, and valuable information that supports their daily tasks and drives organizational success.

Game-changing AI intranet features for content management

An image showing various content tiles from an AI intranet.

AI-enhanced CMS editors can streamline and enrich the quality of content production in real-time. From sentiment and inclusivity analysis to suggesting edits, AI helps authors communicate more effectively with every word so that messages resonate with employees at every level.

Instant Auto-Summarization

Using AI to succinctly summarize lengthy pieces of content can reduce information overload and increase discoverability. Reading concise AI-generated summaries can help employees quickly grasp the key points of complex information, saving time and improving comprehension.

Sentiment and Inclusivity Analysis

In a modern employee experience platform, AI makes it possible for intranet managers to better create content that fosters equality, openness, and belonging. By suggesting edits to content in real-time, AI intranet analysis can nudge authors to use more positive and inclusive language, creating a more welcoming and supportive workplace.

How to choose the best employee experience platform

Get the expert tips you need to confidently select the right EXP for your organization with this guide.

Effortless Image Generation

AI can be deployed to make content more visually appealing and discoverable by instantly producing royalty-free images from simple text prompts. Adding AI-generated imagery can help organizations make their communications more compelling and capture the attention of employees more effectively.

Duplication Detection

Maintaining a large library of content without publishing duplicative content can be a major challenge without automated support. By leveraging AI recognition of similar, intranet managers can maintain content integrity within the employee experience platform.

According to one company cited by Boston Consulting Group, emails drafted by AI achieved 18% higher customer happiness scores compared with email responses generated by humans alone. It stands to reason that AI tools would have the same positive impact on content created for internal audiences as well, and lead to positive outcomes such as increased engagement, alignment, trust and satisfaction across the organization.

Intelligently personalizing communications at scale

Creating compelling content is just the beginning; strategic distribution is how it reaches and resonates with the intended audience. Without an effective approach to distribution and discoverability, even the most well-crafted messages risk being lost in the noise.

Gartner research shows that only 6% of communications executives feel confident in their ability to manage declining levels of employee engagement. By helping intranet managers choose the best channels and scheduling publications smartly, including email, SMS, Slack, MS Teams, and digital signage, the AI intranet optimizes the delivery of communications and maximizes opportunities to drive engagement, enhancing the overall effectiveness of internal communications efforts.

Personalization is key to creating and sharing relevant content that resonates with employees. An AI-enhanced employee experience platform allows organizations to tailor content recommendations based on individual behaviors, interactions, and past digital footprints.

By automatically tailoring content recommendations, organizations can ensure that employees get the information most relevant to their needs and interests. For instance, a sales team member could receive timely updates on new product launches and customer insights directly relevant to their client portfolio.

By automatically optimizing search result relevancy, AI also makes it easier for employees to access information pertinent to their roles and interests. This personalized approach not only drives participation and satisfaction among employees but also translates to better customer experiences and increased sales for the retail brand.

Elevating knowledge accessibility with AI intranet

Prioritizing intranet accessibility is essential for guaranteeing that all employees can obtain and understand critical information effectively. By making content accessible, organizations foster a sense of belonging, improve employee satisfaction, and boost overall communication resonance within the company.

Additionally, prioritizing accessibility helps organizations comply with legal requirements and demonstrates a commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

For example, using AI to remove unnecessary words or clarify overly complex concepts can make messages more clear, concise, and comprehensible to all audiences. AI’s ability to adjust content length also helps customize messages to fit the given format or level of detail required. Whether space is at a premium or a more detailed explanation is needed, AI can optimize content automatically, making it more digestible and accessible to a wide audience.

How to choose the best employee experience platform

Get the expert tips you need to confidently select the right EXP for your organization with this guide.

Imagine an executive preparing to communicate a new company policy to the entire organization. With the goal of prioritizing clarity, inclusivity, and impact in their message, they turn to an AI-powered CMS editor for support. As they write their announcement, the AI analyzes their language in real-time. The AI might prompt the executive to use words that change the tone—perhaps making it more casual, straightforward, or confident—or offer ways to explain issues in a simplified way to help the policy better resonate with employees.

With the assistance of the AI, the executive can effortlessly develop a policy announcement that not only meets the highest standards of quality but also deepens feelings of belonging and unity among all employees.

Accessibility-enhancing AI intranet possibilities

AI intranet opens up a variety of opportunities for intranet managers and internal communicators to facilitate access to and interaction with intranet content for all employees effectively.

Locate Internal Experts

Locating internal experts is critical for facilitating knowledge sharing and problem-solving within organizations. By leveraging AI to help employees connect with the most relevant experts, organizations can expedite issue resolution, foster collaboration, and fuel innovation across teams and departments.

Image Accessibility

Automated AI-suggested alternative text for images increases accessibility within the employee experience platform. By generating alternative text for images, AI ensures that visually impaired employees can access and understand the content, promoting a more equitable workplace environment.

Reliable Language Translations

Translating content across multiple languages is fundamental for global organizations operating in diverse linguistic workplaces. AI intranet platforms can instantly translate to fit the needs of employees, providing access to communications in the language they’re most comfortable using.

Implementing the right AI-powered employee experience platform

Transitioning to an intranet platform with cutting-edge AI capabilities marks a significant step forward for any organization. Migrating content from a legacy intranet to a new employee experience platform is like moving houses; careful planning allows for a smooth transfer of assets without disruption.

First and foremost, it’s important to assess the compatibility of your existing content with the new platform’s formats and functionalities. Intranet managers need to strategize how to transfer diverse content types seamlessly, without throwing a wrench into daily operations.

Additionally, the move provides the opportunity to evaluate and refine content using the advanced functionality of the AI intranet, optimizing its effectiveness and relevance for employees. Lastly, organizations should consider implementing robust training programs to familiarize staff with the new platform and its AI features, empowering them to leverage its full potential.

Now imagine if AI could make all that easier too.

When transitioning to a new platform, Interact AI’s unmatched speed and efficiency in content transfer and transformation ensures minimal disruption, allowing organizations to seamlessly adapt to new technologies and workflows. The ability of Interact AI to auto-adjust lengthy historical policies or procedures into a modern alternative streamlines the content migration process. By automating content adjustment, AI protects that valuable information, transferring it seamlessly to the new platform and facilitating continuity in internal communications.

Making your intranet a hub of AI-driven innovation

Intranets are no longer just repositories for documents and announcements—they’re the cornerstone of employee engagement and collaboration. The modern intranet serves as the central hub for internal communication and innovation, and if it isn’t infused with the latest technologies, it could hinder productivity and collaboration. With AI intranet solutions like those available in Interact’s employee experience platform, organizations can transform their intranet into a strategic advantage.

As organizations embrace AI-driven practices, the pool of AI talent is poised to grow rapidly. McKinsey’s research suggests that the cohort of AI talent extends beyond technical roles, with 88% of respondents in nontechnical jobs using AI for help with rote tasks.

This underscores the democratizing effect of AI, supporting employees across various functions to work more efficiently and unlock opportunities for creativity. Now, your employee experience platform can be at the heart of your organization’s effort to harness AI for every employee, turbocharging internal communications and promoting meaningful engagement across your organization.

Effective communication and coordinated action is more critical than ever. Companies need to ensure that information flows seamlessly across teams, departments, and locations to accelerate collaboration, alignment, and productivity. Deploying AI intranet tools can help organizations provide employees with easy access to the information they need for professional development, compliance, and decision-making.

How to choose the best employee experience platform

Get the expert tips you need to confidently select the right EXP for your organization with this guide.

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