How Romec launched their intranet with a trip to New York!

Successfully launching a new intranet into your company can sometimes be a challenge. Gaining user adoption and ensuring staff utilise the many benefits an intranet can bring is something that needs to be accomplished from the offset.

We always love hearing the unique and innovative ways our customers have launched an intranet into their company and one particularly successful strategy we heard about was the launch of Romec Ltd’s intranet.

Romec implemented an interactive competition, which was open to all staff to enter with the star prize being a trip to New York.

The competition had been specifically designed to get users familiar with how to navigate through the many features of Interact Intranet including the search function, electronic forms and employee directory. To enter, every Romec employee received a postcard to their home along with a letter and VPN password if required.



Nigel Williams, Romec’s intranet manager said:

The target was to produce something cutting edge which would make our users excited, get them using the key features and encourage repeat visits. We settled on an interactive puzzle game with the first prize a trip to New York, we needed a prize that would appeal to our diverse work force and full board buy in was essential to make this prize something amazing.”

The competition was a phenomenal success, receiving a fantastic 800 entries and 1032 views.

Interact Intranet has transformed the way Romec’s employees work every day. The electronic forms have standardised the way Romec operates as a business and the company has significantly reduced company expenditure since implementation in 2009.